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Sunday, October 25, 2009

third time sushi king~

15oct09 go eat sushi with cheng carina min n bing...
3pm after class go back cheras with bing..take bus to leisure mall...
buy sundae cone eat then onli go queue up..
after tat min them come le..
go in n juz can sit 45mins..nt enuff time lo...many things oso haven eat dou..
then fetch cheng back coz she wan go out,then we go find karmun..
find kar mun yum cha~lol..
wan watch movie de,but will till very late,so dun wan watch juz walk walk onli..
buy ring~lol
after tat we go yum cha at mcd...i juz buy coke onli..coz still full so no buy burger..karmun n carina gt buy~min eat nuggets..bing no eat,eat french fries lo~
10pm coz scare lrt close lo,so go back lo..fetch karmun back 1st,then bing..then carina fetch me n min back~

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