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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

genting trip 2D1N~

26sep2009~ go genting with frens~carina choy adrian qq chunfai n bing
tat day 5 sumthing edu wake up lo,then bath n drink milo...carina sms say she edi at bus stop there wait cf,then i oso going to tasik selatan lrt station lo...reach lrt station carina n cf edi there,adrian oso ngam ngam reach...then we wait choy come...take ktm to kl central...meet qq n bing at kl central...
8.30am take bus to genting lo~lol..9.10am like tat reach lo..sit cable car~
wan check in but still nd wait so we put de bag at de ria office there...
then go outdoor theme park play lo~each ppl RM44...take de sweet from de counter there..hehe..then start play lo~play many le~^^ 2pm like tat we go eat lunch+breakfast..haha..burger king~not nice de,mcd better..hehe
3pm,then we go check in lo,n rest awhile lo...5pm like tat onli continue go play..we play till 9sumthing,choy back ria apartment,me carina n bing then go de timesquare there..me n carina try to in casino,but cant in..lol..juz bing can in onli,tat old man...
wait adrian qq n cf come,no go de hunter hse so we go eat dinner lo...
10pm eat kfc~11pm me carina n bing go back ria apartment,adrian qq n cf go da gei...
back rest n take bath lo~after tat they back,then play mahjong there..me juz c onli...12am sumtihing then me n bing n carina go rest le lo~carina very fast then slp le lo~lol
2nd day~i early early then wake up le lo,but they still slping...so i oso juz lay at there...after tat qq cf n carina wake le..then we eat breakfast cup noodles~haha...i gt bancuh nescafe n carina bancuh milo~qq n cf eat 2 cup noodles..bing wake up eat cup noodles lethen go lay=.= pig o~lol..then adrian n choy wake le~after tat we play card~chor dai di...hehe i keep win~wakakaka...cf keep lose...12pm then we check out le lo~go take bus back~back titiwangsa,bing take bus back,then we all take lrt back..
carina's mom fetch me home,ty lo~^^

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