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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Wow... More than 1 yr no update my blog So now update update... Now... I'm officially graduated!!! :) I completed my study life in college... But I still taking professional paper... So now is my holiday but also my study time for professional paper~ Holiday ya holiday~ I love holiday~ Just back from redang~ enjoy snorkeling ~ enjoy the beach ~ enjoy together with frens~ Happy ~ smile ~ relax~

Sunday, November 6, 2011

advance diploma

hmm i choose to study advance diploma..
so start my new life in college now~
study abm3..know a lot of frens who from sabah and aso kl..
and know~change my hair style again~shorter n shorter
haha..hair colour red become brown edi~
recently felt time pass very fast~
and my darling get his new car and same to my sis too~
and now i started gt drive to college too=)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


first time be model^^
nice experienced...but tired
coz cant slp well...
but know many friends..=)

after exam

finished exam n start holidays...
hmm..i scare my result now..
coz i noe i din do well in exam..
scare >.<

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


recently start new sem...
kinda busy..
keep rush assignments..so many assignments arr><
finish 1 then gt another 1..haihz..
recently also poor le...
june gt frens birthday n fren wedding..damn poor
wan me go out i also no money le~
2011june 18, go kampar find sis..n take laptop to them..
then tat day go ipoh walk walk...
2nd day onli bek kl, bek awhile then nd bath then terus go fren's wedding le
so tired tat day, keep sit in car~
hmm nd wait free only post photos le..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

result release

today result released!
im not satisfy my result..T.T
2sub get 1a1b..
haihz..coz no hardworking><
ppl get 2a i juz get "those" result..
sad nia

Friday, April 29, 2011

21st birthday!

woww..so fast then my 21st birthday d~~
hehe..b4 celebration..i go dye my hair~
n i gt my new phone x8~
although the phone not exp..but its still a smartphone~android phone
i chose 22april tat night celebrate 1st~had a dinner at tao at sunway giza..
tat day included me gt 14ppl..secondary fren,college fren,frens~
b4 having dinner~we go ate snowflake..n after tat go fblock buy shirt~
sunway giza there still gt denise wine shop~hmm..long time no drink tat shop's wine d
happy is happy..but the food not much choices..cant even think tat tao is small onli
but having fun there~thanks my dear bought a cake for me~
n thanks for those who bought us the presents..
birthday tat day,go out wif vy..no go sing k~juz go shop shop
tat day ate sushi zanmai~feel better than tao~then walk walk at fahrenheit 88..
night then having dinner with my family~vietnam food~
sun then go jusco walk walk~