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Friday, April 29, 2011

21st birthday!

woww..so fast then my 21st birthday d~~
hehe..b4 celebration..i go dye my hair~
n i gt my new phone x8~
although the phone not exp..but its still a smartphone~android phone
i chose 22april tat night celebrate 1st~had a dinner at tao at sunway giza..
tat day included me gt 14ppl..secondary fren,college fren,frens~
b4 having dinner~we go ate snowflake..n after tat go fblock buy shirt~
sunway giza there still gt denise wine shop~hmm..long time no drink tat shop's wine d
happy is happy..but the food not much choices..cant even think tat tao is small onli
but having fun there~thanks my dear bought a cake for me~
n thanks for those who bought us the presents..
birthday tat day,go out wif vy..no go sing k~juz go shop shop
tat day ate sushi zanmai~feel better than tao~then walk walk at fahrenheit 88..
night then having dinner with my family~vietnam food~
sun then go jusco walk walk~

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