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Thursday, October 15, 2009

almost everday go out~

hehe~took many photos~^^
8oct09 go out wif my sis n qin ying~go sing k~^^...tat day ladies free~so juz pay nuts fee~n de nut can change to food...tom yum still ok~1pm to 5pm~then we go shop shop~buy shirt,min buy shoes,n wen buy bag~qin ying oso buy shoes,bag n shirt~
9oct09 tat day kena lecturer ffk~go there half an hour then left le...sit lrt time more than in class=.=..after tat carina come n fetch me...she fetch me home 1st,coz wan fetch min oso,gave her ice cream~then go herbaline do facial~massage nice~lol...when doing mask,i slp le...coz tired ba...day day go out...de gal touch me i onli wake...after tat we do fish spa~gt a bit itchy~lol~then at night we go pasar malam~eat asam laksa..n buy zha wantan eat,n de taiwan burger~
10oct09 act tat day wan accompany km see doctor de,but de doctor fully book,so we terus go shopping lo...go breakfast+lunch 1st...coz 12pm edi..we at sungai wang there eat mcd,haha~km belanja~^^...after tat we go pavillion,find cheng yum cha,she lunch time~go old town yum~long time no c cheng le~lol~she fat than last time le~hou sik hou ju~haha...chit chat awhile lo~till cheng finish lunch time...then we go pavillion walk walk lo~after tat go sungai wang walk~buy shirt again^^...c ntg buy le,then go ts...go to carina's car put things 1st...coz heavy~then cont walk lo~buy pant at there~lol...buy till poor le lo~~
11oct09 fo out wif family lo~noon go tesco...then night go ikea 1st then onli go zee hui's party at sri damansaara there...far~there gt mant desserts~nice...yummy~eat le many~hehe^^

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