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Friday, January 21, 2011

start holiday lu~

finally finished exam n start my holiday lu~~
19jan 11 finished exam~no more stress..haha..but will stress when take result la..lol
now start my holiday~dun think so much..
20 jan 11 went out wif vy n cheng..long time no c cheng d~
me n vy go leisure mall 1st..buy the thing i wan n go haircut 1st..then take bus to ts..chat wif chia li..long time no c her too..wan go low yat find shih yi..but she off tat day..so juz walk walk n saw iphone bumper..my darling giv me a surprise~say he bought iphone..sui zai..take le cc also no tell me~then early morning go mont kiara there q up n buy..wat a suprise mah~
then we go eat mcd n wait cheng join us..accompany her go mkn..then we walk walk at sungai wang..chatting lo~~
she fetch us bek n she go find her bf~

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