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Friday, January 7, 2011

christmas n new year eve

24 christmas eve went to subang there eat yuyen steamboat buffet wif my college gang..is jammed!!! lol..after tat go kuchai lama there eat dessert..if funny see them take de chicken wing..lol
25 christmas tat day, morning go to tmn pertanian wif my sis yx ronald n pui mun..wan bike geh,but nd wait..then we book 1st,but after we go back coz many number d then dun let us rent d..we walk de hill..is tired mah..after ns i long time no walk hill dy..then go tat 4 season..but act is 1 year show tat 4 season onli..is cold mah,coz no wearing jacket and wear short pant..then photo session^^
night go out with my dear sis n cousin..we go the mines there eat nandos 1st,then onli off to icity..very jam there use almost 2hours to reach..icity become worse dy..last time i went wif dear very nice 1..but now many spoilt d..but have fun wif them~
31 last day of 2010~gather together with secondary fren..carina shinki karmun sis,adrian choy n chunfai..berry cafe 1st then go pasar malam walk..the guy back 1st,coz also macam ntg say le..lol...then we off to mahkota's mcd..gal's talk..haha..long time no chat dy..and photo session there~till 1 onli bek home!nice to stay wif my gals~

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