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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ipoh trip XD

27,28,29 april 2010 ipoh trip~
27april yuet xin come n fetch me 1st..then go lrt station fetch pui mun~then go ipoh lu~
12.15pm like tat reached..wait benny come n bring us go eat..but nd wait zihouh cut hair..then we wait le 30mins there..
we go benny's hse 1st..put our bags then benny bring us to the tesco 1st..he wan repair his phone..then while he go repair we go tesco buy shoes n buy some eat 1...
then walk walk at there...go eat lu..drink hong dou bing~eat hor fun lu..
after tat go ipoh parade..act we plan night onli go sing k de..but night exp..so noon go sing k lo..5++ per student..sing till 7.30pm..benny 6pm go fetch his gf 1st then after tat onli meet us again lu...left me,pui mun,yuet xin n ronald sing onli..matt n zi houh acc benny...ronald know many songs tat we dunno 1 XD...
then after sing k..we at there walk walk lu..see see de "bear" how much o..but i no buy..then matt call us le...we let them wait har..coz morning then let us wait..haha..go giant buy water 1st..then onli go get car..
go eat steamboat lo..not nice 1..n exp..haha..all complain there..
after tat we go kampar..wow..go yum cha o..but i asked min,she said tat 1 not nice so me n pui mun also no drink at there..n wan go toilet de..there gt siu keong..arr..no go dou..go benny's gf hse de toilet..lol..
after tat go play snooker lu...1st time go..luan play at there..teach me i also dunno =p..benny gt find his gf "keng shou" lo..haha..we wait at there..tat time edi 1am le o..bek to ipoh n bath also 2am le lo...then after bath energetic edi..then play card at there..hoho..they said who lost then sit-up or pumping 5times..lol..i din lose..hoho..juz ronald keep lose XD..play till 4am all tired le..then go slp lo..2ppl muz slp coz they drive..we also nd slp awhile lu..coz go play water~
28 april..i early edi wake le..pui mun also..lol..we go downstair..saw wat?lol..saw zi houh hug ronald slp..but he dunno..we should take photo =p..ronald also no reject him..haha..after tat we feel sleepy le..they still haven wake..so me n pui mun cont go slp..then uncle ronald come up le..then we wake le..other de also wake le..juz yx slp more loi....haha...but his face still not enough slp o..then they start bath arr.. we go eat dim sum lo..he bring us go de there is exp o~exp than kl..lol..then we go lost world lo..30 per person..but tat day we lucky..gt 5 can get 27..so we divided de lo..but lost world really small onli..haha..so fast then play sai le o..
hai dao chuan arr...n de qiu qian 1 no ppl will rebut with us..haha..zi houh sit de hai dao chuan like wan vomit d..lol..
then we go see de tiger there lu..n small zoo..
de "wen quan" juz like home geh hot water..lol..saw winnie there..she also go wif her frens..same same sem break lo..
play de water 1..sit wif ronald..then when come down tat time...really fast=.="..is it he too heavy?lol...so fast then reach le..
after tat go bath lo..lol..benny n zi houh test drive yx's car..then i drive benny's car..wow..nice..love auto than manual..keke..easy...his kenari nice to drive...
then we go drink soya n eat tauhu fa..i told benny tat,tis is his bring us eat so many food o..most nice 1..haha...matt belanja o..haha..then he bring us go drink white coffee n eat roti lo..go buy ktm ticket...then we go bek rest le..play card again..then gt little bit tired le..go upstair wan rest har..my face start red red le..pui mun also..sunburn?or we feeling nt well le?coz pui mun start dizzy le..
night tat time we go watch movie lo...bring jacket go le..coz we 2 gt ..feel cold..
buy bread eat 1st..coz we after movie onli dinner..we watch ice kacang puppy love o..coz ip man left 1st n 2nd row they dun wan...feel cold in cinema..but they not feel cold tim @@...after tat..dinner go eat "nga choi gai" lo..eat wif hor fun de o =p...no finished it lo..coz not feeling well mah...then eat panadol in car...lol..de road we saw many aqua..bek home rest lo..eat le panadol feel ok edi..so play card at there again lu...2am onli go slp..i 6sumthing edi wake le..coz feel cold..then turn de fan..still feel cold...omg..go out also wear de jacket lo...
29 april..last day lo..go change de ktm ticket 1st..benny's car kena saman..lol..yx sim dak fai...go eat yu tou mai..me eat yu pin fun..then eat panadol n slp in car then oso feel ok le lo...go de miao see see lo..then we go kampar there bek le...
bring them go buy kaya puff n dou sha bing at kampar 1st..then bring zi houh n ronald go ktm station..after tat we onli bek kl le...in car slp le half an hour edi feel better le lu..chat at there lu...know benny break up reason..lol...
nice trip =p but really very tired..lol..