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Saturday, February 19, 2011


tis year gt bek hometown..2years no bek dy...
chu xi..bek johor lo..tat day reach johor also afternoon jek..night go yum cha outside lo..cousin treat us..ntg do at home also..tis year cousin no bought rou gan..ntg eat...
chu 1..8am go breakfast lo..then bek home also ntg do dy..watch har tv n slp lo..wait uncle them bek also..uncle bek tat day..shen shen cook lu..night play wif little cousin bro n sis..
chu 2 cousin sis onli back..long time no see dy..her daughter is cute..boys still naughty lo..so small then play iphone n psp lo...
chu3 bek kl lo..they all also bek lo..tat day take photos~
chu4 went colmar tropicale..which is french village n japanese village..hmm..last time no go japanese village b4..so tis go n see see..hmm..now feel nth much see at there..but can photo session there lo..each ppl RM12 for entry..after japanese village then french village lo..paint colour there..lol..really feel less things there d..
chu5 morning go kswp 1st..dad go gao dim grandparents' things...then sis sun bian open her iaccount...then go post office renew my licence..3pm go leisure mall lo...km edi reach..find her and acc her go maxis ask her broadband things...then go sushi king q up..tat day keep q up~ many ppls...go sushi king also q up half an hour d..wait carina awhile lo..lou shang there...nice nice...too full le..go carina's hse n km's hse bai nian..
chu7 go relative's hse for open hse..then night go yum cha wif yx n pm n matt..matt bring 1 gal gal..yum cha at gasoline..near the mines..can saw swan there in lake..lol..
chu 9 night go pasar malam lu..
chu 10 uncle's hse open hse..many relative but no take dou angpau =( coz too many ppl le..mom go gathering no go..sit welfire go..1st time sit..very shu fukk..so big tat car..lol.coz sit ppl's car go then bek early lo..
zhen yue 11 go sbn..lunch there(mamak)..then go terminal n jusco walk walk..then dinner at his hse..paiseh..then fetch me bek lu..
zhen yue 12 valentine~~start school..long time no see my frens..lol..after class bek home nap nap..then prepare celebrate valentine lu~go eat steak~1st time celebrate~got rose^^after dinner then yum cha wif frens at padi hse at sri petaling..
13,14,15 also no much special lu..also start school d~~

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