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Sunday, November 28, 2010

19-20 go out wif sis and frens~

19nov10 go sungai wang after i finished my class..
go sungai wang join my sis and their frens..
tat day go sungai wang,lot 10,fahrenheit88 and pavilion..after tat leisure mall and pasar malam..wow leg damn tired..lol
but quite fun going out wif them..buy clothes..
and my sis them help her fren "boss" change his look..help him buy clothes..
at pavillion is photo session lo..then my sis buy watch at padini concept..actually my sis gt 2 fren stay at my house..
after bek leisure mall then eat de "long de chuan ren" then walk the pasar malam..
20 nov10 go sunway~go kl central wif sis frens and my dear too..then we all take ktm to sunway..no buy things at there..coz poor dy..juz bring them walk walk..and go full house eat..sure also wif photo session..haha..see dou clothes nice but also cant buy T.T ..i like de music box..nice..juz play the music..
at there bought japanese greentea..finally let me bought it..n also bought de greentea ice cream which i ate b4 at bon odori..nice^^
dinner eat at "da ren chan ting"..sis fren gt play ice skating there mah..
after dinner all bek home le lo..all tired edi~

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