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Sunday, February 28, 2010


cny~take ang pau~
last day of cny le...tis year no back johor..
coz dad chu 3 start work le..stay at kl
nian 30 go uncle's(3Q) hse eat tuan yuan fan,
after tat go another uncle's hse(2Q) sit sit...
chu1 go tayton there eat 'zai' with vy them..
then go 2q hse eat 'lui cha'..
noon at home play mahjong wif dad n sis...tat day win money
chu2 no go where lo...afternoon play mahjong again..but lose money le...lol
then night go ah san's hse ther eat lok lok...
chu3 dad start work le lo...yum cha wif carina at night
chu4 bing come kl...come my hse bai nian..all wait him breakfast...
then we go eat dim sum,after tat go da yi's hse..then fetch mom go a yi;s hse...then we wan go watch movie 1..but full hse..so juz walk walk ts onli..then almost 6 back lo..n fetch vy happy n shih yi go my hse...play card there..bing lose money..i win..
then fetch shih yi home n go bai nian lo...then go vy's hse...then night he go home le lo...
chu9 start school le lo...
nian12 fren come my hse bai nian lo...n go pui mun's hse...
nian13 dad n his fren gathering...bing come cheras lo..night go there eat le..then go yum cha wif carina...drink starbuck..dava chip..wan watch movie but oso full hse le..
nian14 fetch mom go 3q hse..then go sunway wif bing..nothing do at there..night go 4q's hse eat steamboat lo...jiu gong come msia from switzerland...
last day of cny...bao gao zi at home...then afternoon go 3q hse eat...no ang pau take lu...

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