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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BBQ with college frenz at desa petaling~

BBQ day~12nov09
oso rainy day~
tat day after class then yuet xin fetch us to leisure mall 1st..
coz rainy day oso no place to go edi..
go shop shop watson..then go bread story buy bread..
n oso gt shop'gal gal things'..lol
wait till 5sumthing..n still little rain...then we prepared to go edi..
yuet xin's car gt prob..then we go inside leisure mall wait..
but he said repair nd 3hours more..so wait tmr he onli go..still can drive..
then go his hse take speaker..then go petrol station meet kah fu..
coz we dunno go..kah fu take us...
reach there...edi prepared start..
i help cut watermelon..lol
tat day oso no eat much..juz keep take photos..haha..
juz eat many hotdogs..coz most easy 1...
after bbq~we gt play game..
tat game is 1 to 100..when u call tat num is de num tat ppl giv..then u lose..then will get punishment..every punishment oso gt ppl accompany 1 lo..haha..
i kena 3times><..1 is do yoga..1 is do "mie" ear..2 oso with yuet xin..damn "lucky"..n 1 is "tie"face>< wif kah fu..but tat tie face gt a piece of paper la...
11.30pm onli end...then yuet xin fetch me home..ty lo..took many photos^^
waiting hong siew upload~~

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